Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3-D in Winnipeg

No! I didn't go all the way to Winnipeg, Manitoba to watch a 3-D movie like Avatar but I got 3-D and there they are: I was Disgusted, Disappointed and Depressed! Yes! I wasted more than $350 and a day and a half and all what I gained was the three ones and of course plus the exhaust! I barely keep my eyes open now but I've gotta right this.

I went to Winnipeg, the capital of Province of Manitoba to write a test for a job but first of all I was really disappointed. It happened when I spent a few hours in Winnipeg International Airport. It really looks like a small airport salon in a town of Third World country. I have been to Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, London (UK), Frankfurt and even Cologne/Bonn and none of them of course are like this. Even Saskatchewan's is cleaner and newer than that. Bulb lights were blown up and dust was built up on things. Toilets still have flushes that you would think they were long gone and sinks have faucets that long longer are being used any where else. All around the airport you see big ugly signs which tell you what to do both in English and French. I don't know if it's an old tradition or just because you're closer to Quebec! Number of security guards on patrol and police officers was 2 to 3 times more than what I have seen in major airports like the above while they are mostly 3 to even 10 times bigger than the Winnipeg's!
I got a cab to downtown to a major building where the exam was being held. It was cold as I expected, some -3 C and what caught my eyes the most on my way was the number of Native people in shabby cloths walking fast in the cold from here to there. Then I saw a few of them in the building and in the local cafes hanging around.
The building itself sounded an important one in downtown where many conferences and so were held. The test was supposed to be started at some hour and 20 minutes after that but the test administrators open the doors 15 minutes late and the test was started with an almost 40 minutes delay!
These things might not meaning anything to many people but had a bad impression on me and soon I realized that I had done a big mistake. Then you should have seen the test participants. That was even more disappointing!
Anyway I was not successful and that was basically my own mistake. I could have done much better but I simply just wanted to get rid of there and that was bad. Really bad!
I'm usually a very organized person when it comes to traveling because I like to travel. I always take my iPod and the headphone of course (for the plane entertainment system) my camera bag, my charger and everything else but this time I just left like a fool!
(Photo: I took this photo Just minutes before landing in Winnipeg International Airport. The temperature in the city was -2 C to -5 C which is considered mild)

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