Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brit"SHIT" Columbia: The Worst Place on Earth

Brit"SHIT" Columbia now is officially the worst place on Earth and also the most stupid one as well. Everywhere else in the country has already felt winter. Here, in the most stupid place on Earth, with the most stupid refugees and immigrants has never gone beyond rainfalls and never bellow -2 C! This actually sounds very pleasant to the coward assholes. It's Jan.06 today and it's sunny and 4 C now!
This stupid Brit"SHIT" Columbia is actually being more stupid in a few weeks: The Olympics will be started and many restrictions in and around Olympics sites. But how a government who has to struggle with many problems dare to start a set of games which will cost a lot? If you have money why don't you deal with herds of homeless stinky people in Vancouver?! That's a shame. This province, I've mentioned it before, is just good to visit. Not to live in. It's just beautiful to see. But very stupid to live in.
(Photo: Crescent Beach in south Surrey, Brit"SHIT" Columbia. It certainly doesn't look like a winter day. We paid a visit on Dec.29 and it should be more beautiful in early summer)

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