Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wise Comments

The Calgary Flames has lost their last 7 games in this season. One of the games against the Sharks was really a bad loss: A 1-9(!). Today a few of the players were being questioned about the status of the team and how they will dig themselves out. One of them said: We're goin' to get back on track soon and find ourselves. It's just a matter of time! I don't know what this guy's talking about because we've already passed half-season (52 games so far and the Flames is 9th overall in the conference!) Is this funny or stupid?
But listen to this one. This is really something. I'd say unique but not sure if I can call it unprecedented! He said: There're other things in the world that we should be worried about rather than a 7 straight loss(!!)
You idiot, you're a professional hockey player. If that's not something to be worried about then what is? Tiger Woods?
(Photo: The Flames lost his last in St. Louis, Missouri, a 0-2 loss and their 7ths straight. The Blues Goalie, Ty Conklin stopped all of the Flames shots like this one)


Anonymous said...

That is sad to see that Flames are not doing good, I hope the team get back together and win the rest of the series. Are you a Flames fan? Do you live in Calgary?

Brad P.

The Tough Guy said...

I'm a Flames fan and I used to live in Calgary. Not any more. Planning to go back. I hope at least they make playoffs! I really do. I don't want to pray because I don't believe in that!

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