Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Avatar: Old Story Said in Modern Technology Way

We eventually watched Avatar in 3-D last night. That was the second attempt. The first time, last week, it was too crowded to get a ticket and I hate staying in lines. It was much better last night.
Avatar is the same old story of Caucasian civilized (as they think they are!) people who go to native people's land to civilized (!) them, teach them English, tell them who to become modern and in exchange take most of whatever they have, from raw material to women! This story has been told several times in different shapes, languages and dialects. At the end one of the invaders join the native people and fights against his/her own kind. Dances with the Wolves is a good example. There's a little difference between Avatar and that movie: This is less racist! James Cameron should be congratulated for that!
Kevin Costner in Dances with the Wolves eventually leaves the tribe with a Caucasian woman who had joined the natives years ago. This is so unacceptable to him to be with a native Indian. The movie actually encourages racism. The former Marine in Avatar at the end stays with the clan and starts his new life with a native girl.
Rather than that the movie is amazing in 3-D. It's just unbelievable. Why James Cameron chose that plot to depict with this modern technology, that I don't know. It's said that the movie was due shortly after another Cameron's hit, Titanic but then he realized that the then time technology still needed to catch up!
The movie is a MUST SEE and the a bit unpredictable in details of the story which takes you with it but at the same time might be tiring for some people to sit on their assess for almost 3 hours and have that pair of glasses on although I didn't notice anyone leaving. I,myself, enjoyed the movie and might see that again. There's no question that I'd buy the DVD if it's released in 3-D.
(Photo: Neytiri,the native Na'vi princess played by Zoe Saldana is seen here)

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