Monday, January 18, 2010

Enough of This Haiti Crap

I had a short stay in the local McDonald's for a cup of coffee and bit of newspaper. I noticed in The Province that 800 teachers in this province of shit and rain have received their notices of layoff just now! Yes these teachers with less than 5 years seniority is going out of job soon because there's no budget and why there's no budget because Canada wants to look good in the world and sends the money to Haiti. Not to mention tens of millions of dollars in Afghanistan.
And Oh! by the way I forget to say this: Our honorable Governor General, a practically useless creature who does nothing but wasting money and posing in front of TV cameras is originally from Haiti. So when she appears on the screen and weeps like a really sad person then that's the time the money will flow to that little island. Why not? After all Haitian are more important than Canadians. Let ruin these 800 teachers' life and many more, we can save Governor General's countrymen!

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