Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The $4 Billion Business

It's been being said that the Government of B. C. has spent a lot on Olympics and there are rallies at every corner, even in the other provinces in opposition to the recent Olympics. The aftermath is being pointed at and also the homeless people, the addicts, the drug dealers and the prostitutes in notorious East Side Downtown Vancouver are being mentioned. $2 Billion is considered to be the cost of this winter games here in B. C. Canada has been the host of two other Olympics: Montreal in summer of 1972 and Calgary in winter 1988. I just heard that the organizers of the 1972 Olympics just managed to pay off all their debts in 2009! Yes! It took them 27 years to clear themselves financially while Calgary's is claimed to be profitable!

But the reason why I brought up this numbers, debts and credits is that in a brochure of Vancouver Olympics tourists it's stated that B. C.'s annual Marijuana trade worth $4 Billion! I don't know if that is supposed to attract more people or distract them but I guess some will like it! This goes back to what I said here once: The Government, the Police and everybody knows who's doing what. They just keep the balance because if all of a sudden they get rid of all criminals, then there will be no job for police, judge, correctional officer, medic and so on! That theory of mine is applicable to the higher levels of conflict as well. If the US troops had gotten rid of Saddam and it's regime in 1991, then there wouldn't have been anything left for them to deal with in 2003!

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