Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preventive Action Better Than Reactive Action

The concepts of Quality Management that I learnt and applied in manufacturing industry could be applied to many other aspects of life including society management and crime prevention. When you have bars, clubs, liquor store, crack and pot sellers at every corner of every city and then put Crime Stoppers signs everywhere it means you really want to do nothing and you're just showing!
A good example of this is the recent celebrations in Downtown Vancouver where people got a bit out of hands. The authorities ordered liquor stores be closed at 07:00 PM to prevent riots and scenes! God knows how much the lost sale of those stores were! Obviously they complained to someone and they were allowed to be open after that time again today! The authorities said it was for weekend only! But a wise mind knows that if the liquor stores and other entertainment centres are closed or half-closed what would the consequences be! Police, Correctional Offices, Judge, Jury, winery, delivery trucks, store clerks and many other people go out of job. You built a society based on money, you do everything for money. Crime prevention, Block Watch and Crime Stoppers are all bullshit. They are means to make more money and keep people employed.
(Photo: Police officers from VPD and other jurisdictions have a good presence in Downtown Vancouver during the Olympics. This young guy who was climbing up of a traffic light post was brought down by the officers. Fear can be seen in his eyes)


Anonymous said...

Never met you and don't know who you are but you make lot's more sense than the bigoted majority in our government.

Keep going for it.


The Tough Guy said...

Thanks for your support. I wish I could do something with the help of people like you for this country but ...
Thanks again.