Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter? What Winter?!

Only 5 days left to start of 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and here it doesn't look like it's winter at all. It doesn't feel neither! At 12:5o AM it's only 6 C.
Unlike this year, last year was the year of snowfalls, strong wings and cold weather in B. C. I bet the organizers wish the could have had 2009 instead of 2010 as their Olympics year. VANOC is no struggling to bring enough snow to ski areas and had to ask practicing guys to leave the venue. It's costing them a lot, trucks loaded with snow!
Things doesn't seem that bad in Whistler though. Higher elevation, more snow, colder. It's 0 C over there. I bet these guys are goin' to overcome that problem with snow and make everything ready just on time.
(Photo: I took this photo in the 22nd day of Dec. of 2009. We never had a street like this here in B. C. this year. Birds are singing on threes, sun is shining and blossoms are seen at the corners. Things have not been really good for ski resorts but sure other businesses did well and municipalities saved a lot!)

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