Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Good Chance For The Big 3

I applied for a job with Toyota Canada in Ontario back in 2002 or 2003, can't recall clearly. I have it in my mind vaguely. That was not a real job application because I did not have and still not have any of the skills that they were looking for at the time as an assembly line worker. I remember that the wage at the time was something around $35 an hour if I'm not mistaken.
Now a little calculation may tell us just how much this recent recall of Toyota will cost the company. If 437,000 Priuses are goin' back and we assume that they are not being fixed in the plant, they will be worked upon in the dealers and we assume every vehicle only needs to be worked on for only 1 hour and there will be no part to be replaced or changed and finally we assume that each worker of technician work on the vehicle gets not more than $20 an hour, the whole cost will be added to $8,740,000 dollars. This is nothing for a company which is considered the largest automaker in the world but the lost market should give its competitors specially the American ones a good chance to increase their market share remarkably, especially because another Japanese giant, Honda is in trouble too.
I have nothing against Japanese vehicles and drive a Toyota myself. I'd drove a BMW, a Challenger or a nice Chevrolet if I could afford but may be it's the time for the assholes who think American vehicles are not reliable to rethink and re-plan their life. Looks they are all screwed up in the hole and I can hear them screaming!
(Photo: 2010 Dodge Challenger, the car I'd like to drive. The cheapest one starts from $25,000 and goes up to $45,000, I think)


Anonymous said...

Yes you are right, nothing feels like crusing a Dodge, I have a Charger which I am happy with it.
Are you now in Military service?

Brad P.

The Tough Guy said...

I'm waiting to be called for my final training. That could happen any time soon.