Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Gaffes of Opening Ceremony

We, like many others, watched the opening ceremony at home, although we were in Vancouver just hours before it started! I should say that it was magnificent but I can't close my eyes to the its stupidity, at the same time!
First of all the National Anthem was completely messed up. I hated it. Not to mention that they could not find a real person to sing it. Then that was the problem with the mechanical arm. I guess everybody knows that one of them never functioned. And then poor Gretzky in the back of a truck from BC Place to Convention Centre in the rain! That was in no way excusable.
Other than that the snowboarder in the beginning, the welcoming by the four host First Nations, the songs by Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan, the fiddlers, the poet, the teams parade, everything else, I'd like to stress were great. I think we can even omit the mechanical arm malfunction, even in more serious events it might happen but National Anthem and torch rally were in no way excusable.
(Photo: This picture taken from a TV screen shows the totem poles in the opening ceremony, courtesy of CTV)

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