Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wasn't Caught Again!

I was scared to death by a cop for the second time today in last 5 or 6 week and was goin’ to pee in my pants! My heart rate went so high that I guess someone outside the car could hear it!
I was driving down 17 Ave. SE after having my breakfast in McDonald’s and saw someone like a policeman standing right in the middle of the street. There was no police car around so I kind of doubted that he’s a cop but when I got close enough to him he raised his hand and made me stop. Thanks heavens that he just looked at my seat belt and when noticed that it’s worn, let me go. I sighed and drove away. I always wear my seat belt. Ray got a ticket for not having his belt on about 2 months ago, a $200 or more fine. He said that he wouldn’t pay that! The ticket must have been sent to his address in Saskatoon as his car is registered there.
The first time was a few weeks ago and I was driving down 52 St. SE in the evening, I heard the siren and looked at my review mirror and saw a police car is closing to me. It scared the shit of me. It was so fast that if it hit me, my car would turn into a junk!
First, I thought he’s coming for me and slowed down but it wasn’t that I don’t know why I was so desperate and believed that I’m caught! As I said it was not that. I pulled over and the cruiser passed!
(Photo: Calgary Police Service crew drive Ford Crown Victoria which I sometimes mix them up with cabs, esp. in the evening!)

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How fast do they drive?