Thursday, April 01, 2004

A Narrow Escape

I was heading home tonight from Keiv's place, driving down 14th St. There's 10th Ave. right after the bridge and the road makes a downhill. The speed limit is 60 Km/h there and I remember I saw the cops there, using a camera and detecting the drivers who were speeding, several time. I was listening to a nice song of Led Zeppelin on radio and suddenly saw the policeman behind his camera! Fortunately I wasn't speeding. I passed through him and sighed and saw in the rear view mirror a car was caught by him!!
If I had been caught, I would have been in a serious trouble. Not only for speeding but also for not having insurance on my car which results in a $2500 fine, I guess.
(Photo: The red dot on 10 Ave. shows where the cops use the camera to catch violators)