Thursday, October 19, 2006

Arar's End

I've been keeping my eyes on Arar's case since the beginning. You might know about him but if you don't, you can go back to Nov. of '03 and Jan. of '04 in the blog. What's happened finally to the guy is first of all RCMP was found guilty of passing wrong information to Americans which led to his arrest, deportation and torture in Syria. The head of RCMP was questioned by MPs and then apologized to him, but didn't resigned. He's an Italian guy who's an immigrant himself. The statements he made and his apology doesn't seem satisfactory to the House and he might be asked to step forward and explain for the second time.
Arar also has sued the Government for $ 400 million! He's obviously an smart guy. He used to work for a company in Ottawa as an engineer but lost his position after he got back to Canada. It's unknown to me how he has been managing his life with a wife and two kids. Also how he affords a lawyer is another question. Most of the lawyers don't accept such a huge case unless they know they get a good portion. So it seems that the lawyer is so confident 'cause that's a lot of money he's goin' to make. In the other hand, Arar is not smart enough, I think. Because he wouldn't go to the US just a short time after Sep.11 show! Every jackass with such appearance and wife would know it's not wise to do so!
And the last thing and probably the most interesting part is that he was awarded a kind of prize yesterday in the States but didn't attend the ceremony and accepted it through video conference. He said he was afraid of being arrested by Americans! You should have thought of that when you were planning for your trip back to Canada, you smart ass!
(Photo: Maher Arar and his wife Monia)

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