Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Museum of Anthropology

We wanted to visit a museum last week to just try something new and also get some knowledge(!) so we decided to go to Museum of Vancouver first, yesterday but soon realized that is closed on Mon. then picked the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.
It was raining dogs and cats when we were on Marine Dr. but couldn't find the damn place for about 45 min.! Eventually got there at about 14:50 hours or something around that. So if you're planning to go there make sure that your there at least 4 hours prior to closure because that's the amount of time you will need to see everything and enjoy, not like 1 hour that stupid Chinese girl at the counter told us. Then you can simply park at the right hand side of Marine Dr. just a few min. walk from the Museum not like us who parked at Rose Garden parking and paid $7 for the parking. You need a good camera as photography is allowed inside and outdoor and flash and tripod would be necessary.
The Museum of Anthropology is basically about the Aboriginal people of British Columbia and then has displays for European ceramics from 15th century and some African and Pacific nations as well. I've seen National Museum of Denmark, Glenbow Museum, Museum of Cologne, National Museum of Iran and bunch more and every and each has something different. So does this. Go, spend time, learn and enjoy!
(Photo: A Micronesian armour displayed at the museum. To me looks like that the people from that set of islands in Pacific either never had very advanced weapons of there were not much violence goin' on!)

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