Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dramatic Changes In Calgary

I wander around and also checked the neighbourhoods in Calgary, where I used to live. There were significant changes in the city. The Future Shop on Macleod Trial was gone and instead there was a Co-op. That was where I bought my laptop. The McDonald's across from the street was an abandoned building and fenced around. The big GM dealer, Carter, was completely wiped out. The building and lots around where all empty. It was hard to believe all these changes. I guess it's true that it will take a few years, at least up to 2013 to recover from recession. I think I felt that in Stampede as well. I kind of believe that there were not as many visitors as it used to be although the statistics on TV didn't say that. While there were those negative (in a way) changes in the city there were good ones too: There are new buildings being built including the tallest one in downtown on 6th Ave. We went to Red Lobster and although it was a weekday we had to wait for about 10 minutes and the restaurant was packed. It's a good place to spend money. I saw new buses and new train cars as well as new train stations (track extension) and almost everywhere you park it'll be pay parking. I will write about this later.
(Photo: Former Carter GM dealer at the corner of Macleod Trial and 67 Ave. SW was a major car and truck dealer for a long time in Calgary now is the campaign headquarters for a Calgary mayor candidate. I later on learned that it had ben moved to a new place)
(Correction: The dealer has been moved to a new place. So it is not that bad. However the place with multiple empty yards not being taken over by any other business is not a good sign)

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