Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hodani and His Troubles

I had lost the track of Hodani until a few days ago that I received my e-mail's reply and the new telephone number of his. I eventually called him this morning and tacked to him for about half an hour. I learnt that he had moved to a new place and the reason for that which is worth hearing although might be not very interesting to many but was to me:
Hodani has this bad habit of getting drunk and when he's really drunk he either fights with people around him or goes for prostitutes! Seems like a few weeks ago such a thing happened and he picked up a hooker on the street and got busy with her. The only difference was that he had a roommate this time who was very conservative. The woman left and just after a few minutes the pimp appeared in the apartment, according to Hodani, he climbed up the balcony, broke the window and got in. The Caucasian guy demanded money for his woman while Hodani had already paid her. The argument and smashed window led to CPS present at Hodani's apartment and eventually the roommate's complaints to the landlord in regards insecurity. Then another night while Hodani was at a friend's house the pimp guy showed up with the roommate in the shower! I knew Hodani's neighbourhood in Downtown is not a good one but I didn't know it was that bad. The pimp guy opens the door and demands money from the guy who's actually new to Canada. The guy says that he had no money on him and states that he would get him some from an ATM if he let him dress. They go to a nearby bank and the new immigrant gets $100 out of his account but it was apparently was not enough so he gets another $40 and is let go with the promise that he would be killed if he says anything to the police! That eventually leads to Hodani and the new guy both moving out of the apartment.
Now I'm not sure what part of the story is true and what part is fabricated but I know that Hodani is not a liar. That could be him, the new immigrant, who had exaggerated to take advantages from Hodani. If what Hodani says about the guys origin, Isfahan, I can say for sure that there are untrue parts in this story. I know the type.
After all it's quiet a story. Hodani sounded fine as usual, now sharing another apartment with someone else in another neighbourhood of the city. Good for him!

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