Tuesday, July 27, 2010

U-Pick Blueberry

We finally went to a blueberry farm in Surrey yesterday. It was a good experience. We spent almost 50 minutes over there, starting at around 05:50 and picked a little more than 8 Lbs. There farm, in case you want to have fun too, is located in 152 Street where all the farms are on your right when you're driving south. You'll see a sign which reads the title of this post. There must be other farms as well but this is the one we tried and was good. The first few rows of plants are for picking and are specified with signs. I assume they might be of a lower quality although it's not easy to say for a non-expert. There might be other reasons involved. The farm belongs to a Punjabi-Canadian family. The lady whom sounded that she was born here weighted the pint and charged us $1.25 for each pound. I asked her how many more weeks that might be available and her response was as long as a maximum of 2 weeks but added that it depended on the number of people who would visit.
(Photo: Like many Punjabi families the last name of this farm's owner is Gill as it can be read on the pint)

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