Sunday, July 18, 2010

Predatores: Waste of Money and Time

We watched Predators last week and it was a total disappointment. It was the worst amongst all Predator franchise. There were a group of people with no relationship or connection with other in the past which are thrown on a planet to be hunted by Predators!! The cast are bunch of losers who had not been appeared in a hit movie probably for a long time including Adrian Brody whose his character is nowhere near a warrior. The dialogue is nothing but profanity and the characters get disappeared one by one and very quickly certainly because producers are not willing to spend too much money on the cast!
There a few questions which remain unanswered to the end of the movie:
1-Why are the two Predators fighting against each other instead of hunting the humans!?
2- Why does the lonely guy who wears the Predator camouflage help the human beings first and then tries to kill them?
3- ...
I think that's enough writing about this piece of shit. Just make sure you won't waste your time and money on this. Do something else instead!

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