Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Interesting Game

I was playing white against this French asshole whose ranking was much higher than mine and got his Knight at the beginning. I think he didn't like it because the difference was huge. Then he put the game in a kind of hold position for a long time and all we were doing was just moving around.
It took probably more than 5 min. that I realized if I carry on like that I would be the one who loses the game because I had spent too much time after capturing that Knight on defense. So I sacrificed my Bishop and exchange it for a Pawn. Then the rest was up and down until the last moments that I did a quick game while I had to give up most of my power. I went down to a few Pawns only in the last min., while the asshole had two Rooks. I was done but this guy is most likely the most stupid chess player on the earth I won the game by time! He needed only one move to have me checkmate and in 12 to the end he did not the move fast enough and I won! I guess he got punished for being a big asshole!
(Photo: As it can be seen, my opponent in white had only to do Ra1 and he had enough time but was too freaking slow!)


Anonymous said...

Have not got the chance to check your blog for a while. So you moved to Calgary? New work or looking for work? With the family?


The Tough Guy said...

Yes. Have moved to Calgary. Have a job. A contract. Hope to extend that after finished. What are you taking in U of C?