Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Sushi

I don't remember when the first time was I had Sushi but that could have been around 2003. I bought it from a supermarket and went home to discover it! I clearly remember that I thought at the time that the Delicatessen crew had messed up the food by forgetting some kind of green paste beside it by seeing Wasabi! Ginger did not seem very unusual to me. Then I ate the rolls and enjoyed. That was the start of my interest in Sushi.
Then just a couple of months ago F. F. said that she had a Japanese classmate and she was going to teach her how to make Sushi. She did and yesterday was the practice day! I helped her and we just used vegetables and the result was good. F. F. said that she was about to get the feeling of how to roll. Next time we will use fish and will try the Outside-Rice type! F. F. said that she had been taught what to do to make that type. We're not goin' to use raw fish. F. F. simply does like it and we both are concerned about the consequences. Raw fish should be used only when it's been fished freshly.
(Photo: small sushis are being rolled. The diameter of each depend on the side of the roller being used. Here Avocado is being used but I'm sure it has never been in old Japan originally but is common here in North America and the sushi is called California Roll, another Americanized product!)

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