Friday, April 01, 2011

Sneaked Out!

I finally found a place last week and wanted to get out of the shit-hole without saying anything to the asshole genies. So I went back and forth several times to take my stuff to the new place because I didn't want to pay for a cab or rent a car.
So I had everything taken to the new apartment and it was a Sat. morning when I had a big sack, my laptop's case and a few more things. I had to wake up early when everybody was sleep. I had my watch set for 05:30 in order to be able to catch 06:05 AM bus but when I woke up I realized that the fucking nocturnal guy, who had just laid off 2 weeks before that, was still up, staring at his monitor. So I had to wait. I knew I would not be able to get out without being seen by the landlord's spy! So I waited a bit more. In fact I had to wait long enough to have the asshole back to his sleep but that was late enough at the same time to have the landlord out as well. I didn't waste any more time and got out. Leaving the key on the door,ran out from the back door, because the landlord could be back home from the joyride any moment!
I walked fast to the bus stop but I realized that I still had some 12 min. until the next bus arrives! Shit! That was dangerous because the stop was just at the corner where the landlord might turn into the door any minute!
I sat there in the glass-box watching around me all of a sudden I recognized the car! That was it! Damn! I bowed my head with the hope that I could not be seen!
Luckily I was not seen. I sighed first but then I said what if she goes in there, sees the key and comes back!? She wouldn't do that? She's not that smart! How would she know that I just had left a few minutes ago and had been still waiting for the damn bus?
I was struggling while a bus showed up and I jumped in!
I guess she realized that I was not there in Mon. morning! That was the time she started calling and text-messaging and I started ignoring!
I guess it was a bit of a shock for her not just because she wasn't expecting that. But also because she wasn't expecting me not to answer her telephone calls! I guess that was a good hit on the piece of shit. But I'm not going to end it here. I will continue after a few weeks break. You'll see!

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