Thursday, April 07, 2011

Former Co-workers

I have seen so many of the guys that used to see them at the first workplace in Canada. Most of them have quit and do different jobs now. I saw Randy at a C-Train Station. He was playing with his phone like many other people and gave me his number. I called him once but never received a call back. Then I saw Jerome in a supermarket and Rudy working for a furniture company.
G. H. was the last one I saw yesterday when I was walking home. I saw one tall guy with two kids in a local park. We both kept gazing at each other and eventually we recognized each other almost at the same time. That was unbelievable!
G. H. looked fine. Although he does not doing really good financially but he seemed healthier than the time of he was bachelor! He has two little sons playing around him! Just unbelievable how fast the time flies. I had his home number so I got his mobile phone. We're supposed to sit and talk about good old and hard days of past. I hope I never go back to those days again. G. H. has an amazing life story that I will narrate later.

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