Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Things were getting better on daily basis at the new job. I was being assigned to new works and learning more and more. The guy, though, has been the same asshole! I really don't know what the hell his problem is! My guess is probably he thinks that I might take over. With the kind of a trust that the Project Manager shows about him I don't think he should fear that.
Today he showed up at work after everyone without saying Good Morning to anybody. He usually does that but not to that extent! And then only came to me once at the end of the day and complained that they (the company) was about to hire someone as a Quality Manager!
Considering he usually stays after regular hours up to 1 hour, it seems probably unfair to him. But I don't blame the company for doing that. All he has done during his tenure is Document Control, I mean most of the things not Quality Assurance or Quality System Engineering. I don't know who was the fucking idiot that hired him but obviously he or she sees in what deep shit they all are in!

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