Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Down and Out in Paris and London

I sometimes feel I'm George Orvwell in his novel Down and out in Paris and London. (I strongly recommend the book, You can buy it here) Orwell is my favorite writer. He's great and I believe that no other writer catches up with him. He gave up his life in England and went to Spain to fight against Franco and was wounded seriously there. He was shot in his neck, just millimeters away from a main vessel.
His story in Down and out in Paris and London is a story of living with poor, lower class people of the society and for being that he lives like them and works like them. Obviously I'm not that poor and also I don't spend time with them but I usually see them how they dress, how they talk and how they eat. And it's more clear to me compare to my life in Iran because I'm mostly lonely here and have more time to pay attention to these details.
Orwell actually didn't mention his feeling toward poor people very much in his book but sometimes implied that by just telling his story. He worked as a dishwasher for I don't know how long and by reading the book I didn't get the reason of his travel to Paris and exprience such a miserable life, starving, doing cheap jobs and living with lower class people. May be he had to. I really don't know. I may read it again!
(Photo: George Orwell [1903-1950] is a pen name for Eric Arthur Blair, who was born in India, obviously from English parents. His father sent him and sister (If I remember) shortly after to England as he believed the Indian society is not a good environment for his kids to grow up. Some of his other great works are including Burmese Days [1934], Animal Farm [1945] and 1984 [1949])

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