Monday, November 06, 2006

Jack Was Here!

Hodani called me last Sat. afternoon and asked whether or not I was busy that night. I told him that I was goin’ to gym but we might get together for a nice dinner after that. I went to Talisman and I first ran 5 laps and then did power cycle for 30 min. I burnt 306 Cal. in that short time which is good.
We then got to a CO-OP and got 5 big pieces of Steelhead trout. Hodani was looking for a complete fish with fins, head and everything but neither Safeway nor CO-OP had one. That’s probably because it was kind of late, almost 07:30 PM in a Sat. night. We, after that, got to its liquor store. I was against beer as it’s fattening and we thought it’s better to try something else. I got a 750 ml bottle of Jack Daniels and we headed home.
We tried it at the beginning while Hodani was preparing the fish in his magnificent style. I added some diet Coke and it tasted pleasant. But as I’m a beer guy and am used to gulp down everything at once, the way I drink a glass of Whiskey doesn’t give me the same joy. May be I should keep working on it to get its pleasure. Regardless of all, the percentage of alcohol is high. It’s 40% but not as high as the Vodka Hodani got last time and I didn’t even touch it while was sitting in my fridge for more than 2 weeks.
Anyhow we had the fish with pita and the booze and it tasted great but 5 big pieces was too much for us. So I left 2 for the day after. By the time we finished the meal we both were drunk and Hodani was more drunk than me. He lied down on the small sofa with his head down from the side! That was so funny but I enjoyed a lot because I was not as drunk as him. He might have had more than me or his meal was less, I could say.
I escorted him to the C-train station while he was still affected. We were discussing about the DVD I bought for Hojam and he never paid me and I was making an story for him to sell but he said: “ You’re trying to trick me because I’m drunk! ” I left him in the station and went to sleep. But I don’t know what went wrong and woke up during the night a few times and had to drink water. Then I opened the bottle of diet Coke which was left and I had some and my goodness! that was the time that damn stomach ache started and I couldn’t sleep after that. That was almost 05:30 AM.
Yes Jack was here but seems we didn’t respect him enough or treat him well and he punished me! I don’t know if the same thing happed to Hodani. I will ask him.
(Photo: Jack Daniel's TV commercial is one of my all time favorites. I wish I could save it! Really. This barrels resemble the commercial)

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