Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Apollo 18: A Strange Experience

We watched Apollo 18 tonight and I must say it was an extraordinary movie. I had expected a science-fiction because the little I read about it but not something like that. It was a horror-science-fiction, I would say and a different experience; something different from all the movies I've seen so far. The movie is shown in a way that you see the whole story through different surveillance type cameras. It's said that the forages are recovered, put together and the movie then was made.

Another thing is there's no website for the movie but there's a website which is referred to at the end and that is: www.lunartruth.org . See what you'll see when you click on it!

Overall I liked the movie and I might even get the DVD. The story is an old one but the way it's said make the movie interesting. I never stopped following it or got bored. If I want to say how scary it was, I have to say that there was a scene that jumped up and back to my seat but different people may feel differently. After all it worth the time and money I spent.

Correction: I found this website for the movie. The stupid YAHOO Movies does not refer to it! Well ... YAHOO has been always my search engine. May be it's the time to change the way I look at things. I found the movie's website through YAHOO but I just don't know why it is not in the Movies section of it! The website is as wired as the other one, well in another sence of course, if not more strange! You check it yourself! Enjoy both the movie and the websites, and possibly its DVD or Blu Ray in future!

(Photo: This picture shows presumably how the Moon is seen from the orbit ship and is seen during the movie over and over)

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