Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Neqab, Now Street Prayer

The French Parliament banned wearing Neqab (picture) in public place a few months ago. I think it should have also been passed by their senate. They passed it eventually, I guess. France has biggest Muslim population in the European Union. Most of them are from northern African countries, a few former French colony countries like Algeria. Also Morocco. Germany comes after that with mostly Turks. European Union countries have been struggling with the new wave of refugees with Greece having many Afghans and Iranians. That made the German Chancellor, Angela Mercer stating that multiculturalism does not work. The thing that did not sound very pleasant to many foreigners and also human rights activists. This multiculturalism thing as I pointed at also drove that Norwegian man to kill a few of his own kind! Harper also named Islamism the next danger which threatens the country.
Now following that ban, France also wants to ban street prayers, mostly performed on Fri.s. It actually is not a street prayer. It's a crowd prayer in a public place, this one that Calgary Herald is mentioning in an abandoned building in northern Paris. But the news sounded like the limited space and increasing number of prayers had forced people to go on the streets of that neighborhood.
The first question coming to the mind of a sane person is why in the first place you let them in? Don't give me bullshits like humanitarianism in the Western countries dictates that people who their life is in danger or are in need of any other kind, should be helped. If you let them in, you can't expect them to be like you. Even the second and third generations are under bombardments of their parents that they will never be a Westerner, most of them.
Look at the British Columbia or as I call it Brit"SHIT" Columbia here in Canada with the large population of Punjabi Sikh, mostly settled in eastern B. C. in cities and towns like Surrey and Abbotsford, you see many young men and women, and also teens who wear turban and their traditional dresses, eat their own cuisine, mostly and socialise with their own people. There's no way you can cut their roots, which goes back to 100 years ago when the first Sikh settlers came to B. C. So how would you expect the new Syrians, Algerians and Moroccans, even the ones speak French fluently, forget about their traditions and beliefs!?
(Photo: A Muslim woman wearing Neqab shakes her finger as a sign of threat(!) This type of Islamic veil is common among Muslim women but not very favorite. Not the majority of Muslim woman cover their faces like this)

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