Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Navy's Big Problems

Just a while ago there was a discussion over the name or title to be used before the Canadian Navy. It was being said the the term Royal should be put because after all Canadians feel very close to the Royal Family. They have shown it in the past few years that the members travelled to Canada. It was being talked over and over without mentioning that how big really the main problems of the Navy are.
I was going through the local newspaper and realized that HMCS Chicoutimi which was in trouble in 2004 and had to be hauled a very long way back home, still is not repaired! It's been 7 years now! I'm not very surprised because the country and in a way the entire world has been struggling in the past 3 years but still 7 years is a long time.
Another question is why does Canada have to but used submarines from the UK? is that because Canadians, again, feel so loyal to the Royals that have to spend millions of dollars on these junks? Carrying on the report, I realized that none of the said submarines, none of the ones which were purchased from Britain, is operational at the moment! The reports stated that major repairs needed for most of them at the time they were delivered.
It makes no clear sense that Canada spends a good chunk of money on submarines while there's no serious treat to the country. And this is not the first time that the Navy is facing a problem. Reports of different issues come out off and on. Protection and defence is necessary to a point but where there's no good management and planning, things like this happens and $900 M required to have all the problems gone.
(Photo: HMCS Chicoutimi has been parked since the incident in 2004 which resulted in an officer's death)

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