Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Trust Anymore

When I came to Canada first it was a different society back then, if we're talking about trust, not TD Canada Trust though! I don't know if this is the new people who came here or uncertain economic situation.
When I bought my first car in 2003 although I had to put some money down, the monthly installments was paid by the cheques that I mailed every month. Now it's automatic withdrawal. I don't remember I ever had any deposit for electricity. I've paid $250 so far.
I received a telephone call from RBC once in 2004. The lady at the other side offered me loan to buy a property because I had a good history of paying my bills. Now I don't think that I will ever get a call like that. I don't think they will ever agree with my loan application.
Employers do not hire people that easy anymore. F. F. wanted to have a part-time simple job. It not only took an application form fill out and a post-fill out interview, but also they asked her to answer an online questionnaire in a limited time! I guess it was some 68 questions in 20 min.! Nothing has been heard from them yet! The employers want to hire someone trustworthy. You see security guards in almost every store now. Something that barely existed in the past. I don't know where is this going to go!

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