Sunday, September 25, 2011

Farmers' Market

For years I knew that there was a Farmers' Market in Calgary but never actually have been to. Farmers' Markets are common in Canadian cities. Even White Rock, the tiny town close to the US border, in B. C., has one.
So last week I was driving around in SE part of the city and I realized that there was a parking lot full of vehicles. I asked myself what they were there for? Obviously no company was open in that day. I turned back and I realized that I had found it. You can get fresh vegetables and fruits in there mostly from the farms of British Columbia close to Alberta border. The farms are mostly ran by Punjabi and Amish people. Prices are reasonable and quality is mostly good. I good delusions seedless grapes for the first time in Canada from one of them and that was the only one who had it. You can not get that kind of grape in any super market in the city. I had a little last night probably after 10 years! Good stuff! I guess it was some $2.4 per pond. Expensive compare to most of the fruit but worth trying. Then I got to pint of fresh, real Blackberry for $2.5 each. That type of blackberry I only picked them up in White Rock and Surrey from the bushes, not in the store. The store ones taste horrible.
Rather than fruit and vegetables you can get anything else from home made Ukrainian Pie to Humus, Baklava, used clothing, CD and DVDs, collectables, different types of honey, coffee, chips and many other things that if I wanted to list them I would need a whole posting. It's a complete fun! Try it if you think you're into those stuff. I didn't even know that there is a website for it but looks like these days everything and everybody has a web home-page. Check it out at Calgary Farmers' Market. You'll see the address too.
(Photo: A fruit and vegetable stand in the Farmers' Market. You can get as many as 10 different types of peppers in here. As well as all other types of fruits and vegetables, all good)

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