Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Bird is Down

It was just last Sun. when I read that an unmanned American airplane, the kind that is used for reconnaissance had been landed by Iranian forces almost with no damage inside Iranian borders! That sounded very interesting. Americans, now humiliated to the utmost degree, have gone silence ever since. Denial, mostly has been their only expression so far. The next step would probably be saying that the bird is missing!
There are facts about all of the governments, the ones which applies to all of them. All of the governments hide the truth! And don't say it is for national security or any similar nonsense like that. Especially not this one. Islamic Republic government is all about lies. But this one I gotta say I like what they did. The US era has ended. They are in trouble in every field. They fell behind on most fields. They are so stupid that they can not simply admit that their bird is down and in Iranians hands! You lost it. OK! Admit it already! You are not always the best! You might have been the best in making automobile in early 1900 with Ford but now many Japanese automakers have already caught up with you and passed! So as in military. Americans may still have F-35 and other shit but ... This is so silly of Americans and that is because they are so embarrassed and humiliated!
(Photo: This photo taken from the official government TV station in Iran shows the RQ-170 unmanned plane that Iranian forces landed it down almost unharmed a few days ago)

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