Monday, December 26, 2011

No Real Christmas

Christmas this year was no close to a real Christmas everybody wanted: A brown Christmas. I went for my running of 21 min. today and felt no chill, almost 5 °C or so. Yesterday was the same and the day before that was just a little windy. We went to Nose Hill Park and hiked for about 01:30 and just wind bothered a little on the top.
As of shopping, I bought nothing. I didn't need anything. But I assume the major stores were as busy as a Boxing Day should be. We wanted to get a new TV and then decided not to. I've been hanging around the same old Sony from 2003. Of course it's no Flat or LED, LCD or shit like that but it shows and that's all I need. At times I watch my DVDs on my PC's screen, an advanced HP.
(Photo: Downtown Calgary from Nose Hill Environmental Park in 24-Dec-11. Not much snow can be seen. This year is forecasted to have the coldest winter in the last 10 years in Canada. Nothing has been seen so far but a few cold days way before Christmas)

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