Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Party

We had the company's Christmas Party last night in a nice hotel. It was a good one. We arrived there at about 06:15 shortly after it had been started and that was because I had called a cab for 06:00. I did not expect the cap to be on time because I had called several times but it was prompt. We started with drinks and talked to a few colleagues. And fortunately did not have to sit at the dinner table with jackholes! Cocktail was good and food good as well. The quantity and quality was good both but there was nothing extraordinary. If they really wanted to serve some good food there should have been a whole roasted lamb or pig, a few bowls of Lobster, Crab and Shrimp and a dish of Roast Beef. There actually was a piece of Roast Beef served by a chef and tried a little and was not bad but not hot enough. Drinks were available and I had too much before the dinner and after too! And there was dancing afterwards and that was good too.
We left at around 12:00 because the night before I had not slept more than 3.5 hours. Got a cab and quickly got home. The hangover was so bad that woke me up 2 times but eventually I woke up around 11:00 in the morning!
(Photo: The dessert table. Variety was good and quilt a little more than average. I tried different things and liked the cheesecake)

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