Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Peace Bridge

This story of Peace Bridge was brought to attention in our weekly educational discussion meeting, I believe it was almost 2 months ago or so. I was aware of the delays but did not know the reason. One of the colleagues mentioned the problems with the welds, the welds which have been performed in Spain! Can you believe that!? We have so many manufacturers in Canada and so many more in the neighboring United States and we have to order a Spanish company to manufacture a bridge for us!! This is the ultimate stupidity! Someone may ask why the hell the City needs this bridge in the first place? There are several ones that pedestrians and cyclists can use. The City could use this $25 million in a much better way.
I guess Mayor Nenshi wanted to build something that later on reminds people of him!
(Photo: Peace Bridge is put over the Bow River but has not been open to the public yet. It happened a little than 1 week ago)

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