Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback (22): Dog Restraint

There's nothing special goin' these days. I decided to tell one story about the time I did Law Enforcement in a municipal level. We were on our regular patrol that night and I don't recall when it was but could be between 10:00 and 10:30 when we received a call from the dispatch asking us to check on this address to assist the officers with a dog issue. We were not too far from the place. As soon as we got there one officer came out and briefed us quickly. There was a guy inside that was goin' to be taken by the officers but his dog in the bedroom, a Bulldog, was a problem. They did not want to leave the dog in the premise, I guess. It was me and M. W. on duty that night. I knew that he had no previous experience and training for situations like this and officers were counting on me. So after the drunk guy was taken out, and that was for a domestic disturbance or something like that the plot was this. I and M. W. went to the bedroom where the dog was, each of us holding a snare and then three officers, one with a baton, the other one armed with a Tazer and the last one with a firearm following us! It sounded stupid because if the dog jumped at any of us M. W. and me had a lesser chance of getting away without an injury but the send us ahead of themselves because they thought we were trained for situations like that and could get the dog under control with no harm and trouble. So I stepped forward and nudged it. The dog was at the other corner of the small bedroom. I asked M. W. to approach it from the other side so we could corner it and finish the job. The dog looked a bit confused and as we got closer seemed was looking for a path to escape. I had no other choice by jumping over the bed to get closer to him and did that while M. W. was getting a little closer and made it impossible for the animal to run from that side. I extended my arms and get the snare close to its head and before it could do much I grabbed him from the throat and locked him by pulling the cord. It was a strong dog, as I said a bulldog so started to fighting but I had it under control. We walked back to the van. M. W. opened the door and we released him in the small cage and transformed it to the pound. M. W. told me that I had done a perfect job but listen to what the fucking supervisor of us said the next day after we reported what we had done: We do not deal with vicious dogs!

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