Saturday, February 18, 2012

Capitalism Does Not Give You Choises

This movie of Michael More, Capitalism: A Love Story is interesting but not as good as his 9/11 story. However he condemns good enough the bullshit story that these stooges have been trying to sell to people. One of the principals that they claim Capitalism provide to the society is competition and choice. They say you have the choice to choose what you like and in fact this makes the service providers or manufacturers to improve the quality of their service or product. This is not entirely true. I had to pay $72.72 for my electricity bill last month and live in a small 1-bedroom apartment! I had no choice but to pay it and there was no way to question the charge. If there was the answer was: the rates have gone up recently! I had no choice but to pay that and I have no choice to get my due date extended, if I do not have money. More than 3% interest would be charged to my bill if I pay my bill late. I have no choice to go to another electricity provider and I can not tell Enmax that they could simply turn a few more lights in their stations and buildings off so more power is available with less cost to the people. I have no choice when they ask me for $100 deposit because there have been crooks who used the services without paying. I really have no choice when it comes to most of services and products and Capitalism just screws over and over.
(Photo: Michael Moore the director of Capitalism: A Love Story talks to the Wall Street guys in New York over a load speaker and asking them about the money that people of the States have lost!)

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