Monday, February 27, 2012

The Most Amazing at Glenmore

I went to Glenmore Park, the section adjacent to Heritage Park for my normal running. It was snowing and almost -13 degrees C and there was barely anybody there. My car was the only one parked there around 17:25 hours. I got on the track and walked a few steps and then started running, followed the path toward south. Just after around 2 minutes I thought I saw a dog in distance. I told myself that someone was walking his or her dog. Then when I got closer I realized that, first that the dog was not leashed and then I found out that was not a dog! Looked like a Coyote to me! The poor animal was probably hungry and looking for food in the bushes and shrubs! I soon lost the track of it. I tried to get a good shot but this new mobile phone has a stupid camera! Only 0.3 Mega Pixel! So I carried on until 10 minutes passed and then turned back and took the same path, the opposite direction.
I was running and I was on the upper path. There is another path which is closer to the reservoir and for a moment I had a quick look at reservoir and I saw two animals were moving their head on something! They took a few steps back, the second they sensed me and looked at my direction. Another animal, a little smaller in size, appeared and started running up the hill, getting to the same path I was in, just about 20 m. away. I immediately took my camera phone out and started taking photos. The two big ones which looked like Wolves to me went away from the lower path and stood in the middle of frozen, covered-with-snow reservoir. I followed the other one which looked like it had been wounded around the neck and hands but only could took photos of the foot prints and a few drops of blood. The blood drips had been solidified, kind of frozen. There was no other sign of it. It was getting late so I continued on the path while the two Wolves were still on the ice.
(Photo: This picture might not be very clear because it was taken using a X2 mobile phone camera but the two wolves can be clearly seen in the reservoir in distance)

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