Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stupid Weather Forcast

The average daily temperature in Calgary is around 5 C, I think while Environment Canada had predicted a very cold winter, the worst in the past 10 years! But when it's 10 or 8 it's not really pleasant because the damn wind bothers you then!
So when I went to the Eau Claire outdoor rink last night the ice was really messy and it was cracking under my feet. It was not really nice for a beginner like me! So I didn't spend much time, may be around half an hour at the most and that included putting the skates on and taking them off which is a real pain. The problem is the lace. You have to tie them tight so your feet would not move inside the damn skate.
Tomorrow I'm goin' to the University again for the third session and it seems the weather will remain the same so I will park somewhere that I won't have to pay! I'm getting far from the subject but this stupid parking is a real rip off! I guess I paid a $5.25 for an hour and half and it's probably around $3.75 or so for one hour. Damn thieves!

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