Friday, February 10, 2012

Unfinished Project

T. M. had a two-day trip to a manufacturer plant to check on them. A kind of like pre-assessment. Sounds something very simple and normal but listen to this. The facility is built at a former nuclear plant complex! For the people who always complain about how long a project may take in the old country I would like to bring their attention to this. The project had to be halted after 76% completion and that was a result of a huge budget shortfall. The US has spent billions of dollars on the wars in the past few decades but they did not have enough money to finish this power plant!
The manufacturer has apparently leased the site and turned it to a 3-story facility and according to our buddy they are good to go!
(Photo: This picture taken by the passenger shows one of the protective gates which probably opens to part of the facility which supposed to be a high radiation area)

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