Monday, February 06, 2012

CrossIron Mills

We spent a few hours in the newly (2009) built shopping center in Alberta, CrossIron Mills near Balzac. I'm not a shopping maniac but seemed many enjoy themselves walking with bags of goods or having a meal or snack. It is nicely organized and decorated and has mostly all of the retailers and different entertainment centers. What I don't understand is why the retailers have to build a shopping center like that while Deerfoot Mall is only 10 minutes away. I know one may say that Deerfoot is an outlet mall but it's still OK.
We did mostly window shopping as F. F. hard to please! She did not see anything that she like after almost 4.5 hours in there!
(Photo: Caveman in a block of ice was put in one of the mall's corridors. I took this using the new handset of mine a Nokia X2. The phone is good but the camera sucks! only 0.3 pixels!)

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