Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calgary Stampede at its 100th

This year's Calgary Stampede was supposed to be special because it was the 100th year. I did not notice much difference but I enjoyed a bit more but it could be the last year I went to Stampede. Two things I enjoyed was first their Zip Line and the Firework. We also watched sheep shearing. Nothing special but too see how fast these guy do their jobs. The Zip Line was a bit scary for me because that was my first time. The distance was short and they charge you $40 but it's good for beginning. I held on to the ropes all the way to the end while I did not have to! I am not really comfortable in height especially if I'm sliding down very fast but worst trying. F. F. didn't come especially when it wasrealized that we had to sign a waiver!
The normal shows were going on inside the Saddledome and other buildings and we tried a bit of each including the shepherds, the huge horse show and such. I even get a chance to try a pistol at where the Navy guys had a demonstration. It's a sort of a pistol that works with pressured gas and gives the same feeling as a real one. There is no target or aiming. Just the experience which was good. Feeling the kick of the pistol.

And of course we chose last Fri. which was the Family Day so we did not have to pay admission because we entered before 09:00 AM. One thing is the worst in the Stampede is its breakfast. If you want to get the free one you will have to stay in the line for hours. If you want to but you get the worst for the biggest price. We got two cups of coffee and a Cinnamon Bun for $10 and tasted like crap!
The firework was very nice. We watched it the same night from Talisman Centre. Starts at 23:00 hours every night and worth watching.
(Photo 1, top: This booth serves Steak Sandwich and as you can see it barbecues fresh beef and there is something missing here that when you eat the sandwich you do not enjoy a whole lot and that is seasoning. A small sandwich is $9)
(Photo 2, middle: This is the tower for the Zip Line ride in Stampede where you start, and that is not me!)

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