Friday, July 27, 2012

The Saskatoon Farm

We just came back from The Saskatoon Farm in south of Calgary. I had made a call and had been notified that only Saskatoon Berry was available to pick up and not many ripened but we decided to go. It is not very far. After leaving the city from south, you just will have to pass the Okotoks overpass and turn left onto 338 Ave. and drive toward east for a few minutes.
The farm provides all sorts of trees, shrubs and flowers as well as vegetables and fruits. The main fruits are Saskatoon Berry and Sour Cherry as far as I could see but sour cherries were not ready. I had never seen Saskatoon Berry and never had tried one. It is similar to Blue Berry but different colour. It is darker and the taste is completely different. It is not as sweet as a Blue Berry but has its unique and pleasant taste of its own. It was hot and sunny so the two buckets given to us by the farm girl were not used both. When you are paying, you're not paying by weigh. You are paying by the number of buckets you have filled up. We had one after almost 1 hour and it was not even up to the rim, may be half an inch lower and cost $13.
There's a restaurant and gift shop that you can shop and dine as well. We got one Saskatoon Berry Pie for $10 which was good but too much for that size. I guess because the farms runs for a few months in a year they try to make as much money as possible in that short period. After all it was a good experience and we're going there again for Sour Cherries. We have not had any since our Surrey time and I guess there are not many places in Canada that you can have them.
(Photo: A Saskatoon Berry shrub. Only the dark ones are ripened)

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