Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pig and Duke

There was this useless, asshole working with us whom I kept a good relationship with, regardless of his behaviour. Apparently and according to the other colleagues he had been trying to get a job somewhere else including Shell and obviously he succeed last week.
So he sent messages to a few guys including me, a message saying that he was willing to have his last lunch with us before he says goodbye. He picked Pig and Duke at the corner of 11th Ave. and 12th St. SW. I did not have any problem going there. A few of us gathered there and started ordering. I had a Classic Burger with side salad. It was really good patty and thick too but did not have a long diameter! The side salad, which every piece of it had been put in the bowl by hand I bet, was OK.
I enjoyed the burger but the surprise came after everyone finished his meal: Everybody was going to pay his or her own bill! I was like what the fuck!!? If I wanted to go and get a burger, I did not have to go with bunch of freaks! If you invite someone over for lunch to your apartment, would you ask them to pay for the food they eat!? What a stupid idea. I paid for my $14 burger and we left. Checking with F. F. later, she said that it was common here as she was going to Chop this weekend with bunch of her colleagues. I think the host at least have to take care of something, for example the drink or desert, something at least! Overall rating of the food and service at the bar so far after one visit: 3. The service was a bit slow.

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