Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Chicken on the Way (Stay Away!)

This business at the corner of 14th St. and Kensington Rd., NW has been around for 10 years, I know. Its history goes way back, according to newspaper cuts that they have on the walls. I remember it from that the time I use to ride my bike back and forth to SAIT but never had tried it until last week.
The business is ran by all Caucasian guys and gals and you expect it to be cleaner and more organized than a side road cafe in a third world country but in fact it is worse! in Chicken, Stay Away, that's what I would like to call it, the quality of food is something way below average. We got 4 small pieces including one wing for $7, GST included. The pieces were so small and salty that you actually needed 4 litres of distilled water to clear that much salt out of your body! The place is a complete mess. Stack of boxes, piles of potato, you name it! The true meaning of dump! The first time we got in, there was a line. So I said screw it! Who, the idiot, is going to stay in a freaking line for a few pieces of chicken!? And on that time I even had not tasted the pieces. Now even if I'm starving and you take me there and buy me pieces, I will not eat them. I always had thought it must have been something better than KFC but then I realized that KFC with all the allegations, is healthier food compare to this!
So in a nutshell don't waste your time and money there. Get something else to eat, unless you're some kind of loser who can't cook something for him/herself or get it from another place!
Overall Rating: Not recommended at all. Not even to try once. Not joking.
(Photo: The notorious Chicken Stay Away(!), name changed by me, in 14th Ave., SW)

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