Friday, July 13, 2012

Party in Desperado

An invitation was given to us almost two weeks ago for a party in Desperado Nightclub to celebrate Stampede, I guess. We were amongst the first people who arrived. Everyone had two vouchers for drink, one for buffet and one for desert. Cowgirls were the hosts and a band was playing. We straight went to the bar and got a beer to get ourselves busy. There were other people from other companies aw well, mostly non-Caucasians. The people were gathered in the tent because the club figures that they could not put everyone in their building.
I was a little hungry because I have not had anything for lunch but a few pieces of fruit and I was looking for food but 17:30 and still no sign of it. I asked one of the waitresses about it and it was then that the lines started. I always hate lines but I had no choice. Fortunately the food was really good and it was enough although I wanted to get more but everyone got only one voucher as I mentioned earlier. The food comprises a very tasty rice with pieces of chicken and tomato sauce or paste in it, some sort of Mexican dish, I think and then baked bins in sauce with green pepper, salad and eventually pulled Brisket that the cook would put on your plate just to make sure you do not take more than what you needed! I later checked with one of the girls and I realized that the food was catered by Dobson's. The reason why I asked was the quality of food which was really good. A sort which is barely found in restaurant but I think that menu is not available always because that is Stampede food.
Anyway it was time for Bull Riding after the meal which was kind of very stupid to me. There was no way that I get on that mechanical bull after a full dish of rice, beans and meat while I had dress pants on in that hot weather but many tried. The story is that the person who controls the bull starts smoothly and then after a minute or two moves the bull in a way that the rider loses controls and falls on the mat.
The next thing I was looking for was the desert because I wanted to go home and get ride of the damn cloths and take a shower but instead of a desert I got two because one of the colleague gave her voucher to me and that in fact was after I got a drink voucher from her!
I thought I was better try something new and I asked one of the bar girls and she made me a Whiskey Sour. It's not that the drink's recipe is something complicate or hard to make. It's just a shot of Whiskey (She could have put anything because I wasn't paying attention to the bottles!) and then adds lemon juice and ice. Because of the low alcohol content and my stomach being full of food, I did not feel anything. But the taste was pleasant.
The desert comprised two small cubic pieces of pastry, half size of the normal bars you get from the bakeries and tasted OK. I had two voucher so I added two much sugar to my system!
Nothing much was left so I took off shortly after the desert.
(Photo: people are lined up for the good meal of Dobson's, not knowingly but I would find out!)

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