Saturday, February 02, 2013

Unwell Businesses

I have seen the most bizarre business decisions here in Canada in the last few years. There was this Futureshop in McLeod Tr. in Calgary which was always busy, may be as busy that the store owner expected. I bought my laptop from there in early 2007 and then it was gone!
Then just few months ago in 2012 or may be late 2011 they opened a new one just a few block south but I went there today to see what they got and it was closed done! The store was a brand new building with a big parking lot at the side in a commercial neighbourhood that I expected them doing really well!
The other story is my application for a credit card. I currently have 3 from two different financial organizations and just wanted to get another one from a major credit company. I received this in the mail just this week that the bank regretted to say that they could not give me a new card! The next day I called my bank just to ask a question about one of the cards and the person at the other side of the line said that I was eligible to have my credit limit to be increased! I told her what just had happened and her answer was that the cards or credits are considered separately. It was also a few months back that I received a letter from another credit company stating that they would increase my credit limit! So I really do not understand this! I am good enough to have a credit increase but not good enough to have another card! And I am good customer that now I have a total credit limit of over $20,000 but if I apply for a new card I can not get it. In fact this is a second time in the last 6 months that the financial organizations turn me down. I know what the problem I will most likely fix it but but their business interactions are just insane!

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