Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flood in Calgary: Night 2

The second day of flood alert has passed peacefully but there are still road closures in the City. I wanted to go for jogging and considering the situation I thought I'd be better go to Nosehill but then I reconsidered going to the Bow River Path. So I crossed the river over the Louise Bridge and parked somewhere at the north side of closed Memorial Dr. and went to the path.
parts of the path at both sides of the river were still under the water but I managed to run for a few minutes. In the afternoon we had a stroll around the east side of Downtown. Most of the roads were closed and most of businesses or may be all were closed as well. There was no electricity for the traffic lights and I assume for the residential and commercial buildings as well.
We checked both Safeway and the Company of Over-rated Pirates. They were fairly empty of customers for a Sat. afternoon. Some of the sections in Co-oP were half empty meaning they had not received their supply. We were there for fruits mostly but found nothing worth spending money on but a couple of Pears, a few Royal Gala and pair and Bananas. Some jackasses were seen carrying bottled (tap) water but City of Calgary has indicated that the quality of water is good and there would be no need for boiling water. So the situation seems going back to normal gradually.
(Photo: Memorial Dr. and Downtown Calgary in a beautiful sunny day is shut down. You can clearly see that the level of water is so high. A cruiser can be seen at the westbound blocking the traffic)

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