Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Difference Between Good and Bad Employee

I worked hard for more than a year and half on this damn project and dealt with every fucking fool inside and outside  the company with the hope that:
1- I could get my contract extended and become an employee.
2- The concepts of Quality and roles of Quality Department is known and understood to everyone so I can apply the theories I had learnt or the ones that I was in process or learning.
3- I would have job satisfaction.
The motherfucker ignorant who is my superior officer, at the beginning helped me a bit but then appointed someone else with no knowledge and experience as someone that now I have to listen to in the new project! I gained the first goal but know I am so fucking bored with this new assignment that in the past two weeks alone I just simply passed on the works without even looking at them! I thought to myself what the difference would be? They only kept me because 3 people had quit and 1 had been kicked out. They did not keep me because I know things better than all of them in the department or speak and write much better, they simply kept me because they thought I would be more beneficial than a newly hired guy. And now everything that we built in the previous project is ruined. We work less productive, we create more crap and we have more rework! That is a great management. I knew that for a fact that a company would evolve after doing a few projects, learn from the past mistakes and would have better outcome but seems that is not the case with this company and its dickhead management. So what's the point of getting so excited? Now that we are a point that the project is at its final steps and we don't have that much to do, I spend most of my time on my studies with the hope that I can beat this upcoming exam of ASQ for CQE, just the way I did the recent one, unless I get a new position. If there is really no difference between a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated employee and a useless fool and people are selected to work based on their nationality and closeness to current employees, why would I work hard for nothing!?

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