Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strange Coinsedences

I had an interview today. It was with a recruiting agency. I explained my situation and talked about myself until the person got the chance to introduce the hiring company to me! It appears that is the same company that I will have an  interview with next week! The is a different position though. However I am not sure whether I have applied for that job or not. The recruiter was very optimist but I know this guys will grill me when I go there. I will give my best though to get out of this shit. The compensation package that was discussed is attractive and the position is staff but even if that happens and I join, I have intention to spend the rest of my life in that city. The very same thing happened a little while back. A few differences.I applied for a job and received a call from the company and in a week after I had been turned down, I received another call from a placing agency in regards to the same job!
Now I will have to see what's going to happen. Everything should be clear in a month or so.

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