Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Beef

When we went to Innisfail, we also wanted to get Peas and Organic Beef. Peas, we were told that would come up in July but Beef was available. A heard of cattle was grazing in the little woods nearby, in the farm. We tried to get close to them but they seemed not very friendly and ran away. We expected to get fresh, not-frozen Beef but what they had at the times was in their freezer and looked OK so we got two pack.
We fixed the first one, the Ribs a few weeks back and the bigger piece just last night and it was really good. It, as can be seen in the above photo, is a big piece, mostly meat, not much bone and we paid some $18 for it. It makes four meals if it's eaten with side items. It's an oven roast piece but this is how we cooked it:
I made a few holes at both sides and filled them with cloves of Garlic. Then chopped two medium Onions in our pressure cooker, added salt, pepper and a little bit of herbs and secured it. When the steam came up and I turned the heat down, the meat was half-cooked so we added 2 cups of pre-soaked White Rice to it, turned the heat all the way up and let it steam and then turned the heat down to minimum and let it cook with the steam.
The result was fantastic. Of course it would have been much better, if I had used Red Rice because it's whole grain but F. F. doesn't like that. I had made some Aubergine meal earlier so together they all made a very good lunch.  
Cows can be seen in trees. This little wood is adjacent to the farm  but separated  by  fence to keep the animals away from crops. I guess they are not used to see human being as this was as close as possible we could get.
(Photo: The Main picture shows the big chunk of meat out of the pressure cooker. I will be soon chopped after this and makes four really tasty meals)

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